Carol J. Adams

Table of Contents: The Inner Art of Vegetarianism


The Inner Art

  • Spirituality and Vegetarianism
  • Vegetarians and Other Spiritual Practices
  • Spiritual Practitioners and Vegetarianism
  • What Shall I Do With My Life?
  • Exploring the Mindfield
  • The Next Step

Coming to Ground

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Earth

Touch the Process

  • Becoming a Vegetarian is Touching the Process
  • Qualities of Touching the Process
    • Attention
    • Intention
    • Detachment
  • The Benefits of a Spiritual Practice
    • Widening and Deepening
    • Becoming the Nonanxious Person
    • Learning to Become Fluid
    • Healing Fearfulness
    • Learning to Think Symbolically
    • Embracing Impermanence
    • Achieving Integration

Opening Our Doors to the Source of Our Being

  • Meditation
  • Keeping a Journal
    1. Basic Rules for Journaling
    2. How to Keep a Journal
  • Yoga
    • Vegetarianism and Yoga
    • Yoga and Breathing
    • Yoga and Rest
  • Working with Your Dreams
  • How to Work with Your Dreams

Breath Awareness

  • Breathing and Nonduality
  • Yoga and Breathing Revisited
    • Breathing and Fear
  • The Tree of Life
    • Keeping a Journal: How Deep Our My Roots?
    • Trophic Levels: When Secondary Consumers Triumph
    • The Evolutionary Pyramid: Putting Humans at the Top
    • The Evolutionary Tree
  • Nonduality is a Breath Away
    • Monkey Mind?
    • The Animal Connection
    • Yoga: Moving Like an Animal
    • We Animals Dream
  • Nowness and Cowness
  • Breathing Time

On Not Dragging a Stone

  • The Art of Stone-Dragging
  • Releasing the Stone
    • Acknowledging Regret
    • Dreamwork: Working with a Serial Dream
    • Look for Clarity
    • Levity
  • The Least Points to the Most
  • Reversing Direction
  • Abundance

Compassion and Nonviolence

  • Beginning with Oneself
    • How I've Been Violent Toward Myself
  • Step One: Attention
    • Cultivating Non-Violence and Compassion Through Your Journal
  • Step Two: Love Yourself
  • Step Three: Don't Force
    • Violent Dreams
  • Yoga: The Art and Soul of Nonviolence
    • Rest
  • Spaciousness and Spirituality
    • Lightness of Body
  • Generosity and Vegetarianism
  • The Nonviolent Way to Become a Vegetarian
    • Step One: Attention to Animals' Suffering
    • Step Two: Love
    • Step Three: Don't Force
  • A Living Ahimsa
    • Nonviolent Standards for Assessing Actions

The Habit of Practice

  • The Seesaw Principle of Time and Practice
    • Use Your Calendar
    • Cultivate Awareness of Your Own Weaknesses
  • Developing a Habit is Participating in the Act of Creation
  • Bringing Something New into Our Lives
    1. Make a Promise to Yourself: Keep It.
      • Make a Promise: Identify the Next Step
      • Keep the Promise: Take the Next Step
      • "There is No Promise Too Small."
      • Recognize Frozenness: If You Are Frozen or Blocked, That Is Where You Are
    2. Begin Again
      • Instead of Guilt, Begin Again
    3. What is Hard?
      • The Art of Focusing
    4. Honor Desperation
  • The Time is Now: Spontaneity and Practice
  • The Three Stages of Spiritual Growth
  • Vegetarian Cooking as Meditation/A Vegetarian Cooking Meditation

    • Mixing It Up
    • Guidelines for Cooking in the Present Moment
    • Coming to Our Senses
    • Peace in the Kitchen
    • A Meditation on Sourdough
    • Cooking without Attachment