My favorite videos

Some people collect baseball cards, coins, or bottle caps. I collect political and environmental/socal justice videos. Here are my favorites—a compilation in progress.

Many here were produced by Mike McCormick of Seattle, Washington, for his program Community Forum and/or his Web site: Talking Stick TV. Lately, it seems, I've been watching videos that feature economists and people who discuss the economy: Max Keiser, Paul Craig Roberts, and Dmitry Orlov. In addition, more and more I am also linking to Google's author-talks program. Click HERE for current search results at the YouTube Web site.

All together, these videos have enlightened me enormously and have transformed my thinking in dramatic ways. I'm happy to share them with others.

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Jaqui Brown Miller (Alliance for Democracy, South Puget Sound): A cogent explanation of the real effects of corporate personhood. Other resources, click HERE.
(The Reclaiming Democracy Show, Rus Geh)
Jane Anne Morris (POCLAD): The succinct and powerful explanation for how we got to where corporations completely run the show. (Starts after 1 min.)
(Network X)
Karen Coulter (POCLAD): A short history and simple explanation of the disruptive influence of our country's system of corporate personhood.
(Mike McCormick,
Thomas Linzey (CELDF): An environmental lawyer reveals the ultimate Achilles Heel of the seemingly inexorable sway of corporations.
(Mike McCormick,
Richard Grossman (POCLAD): How the law of the land puts all power in the hands of corporations, leaving citizens to fight over regulatory crumbs.
(Mike McCormick,
Eugene McCarraher: Here we have a fascinating and superb view of that which is so all-pervasive we don't seem to know a thing about it: The Corporation and what it means to live under its yoke of personhood.
(Villanova University)

Citizen psychopaths: Time to remove corporate 'personhood'


Currency collapse primer. Then, a list of the five places not to be when it all gets underway: Israel, Los Angeles, London, New York, and Washington DC. Find an ancillary video HERE
(New America Now)
Max Keiser explains the inexorable underpinnning that make a currency collapse of the dollar inevitable. Also explore
pt. 1
& pt. 2, Max, himself, interviewing Paul Craig Roberts.

Dmitry Orlov lived through the collapse of the Soviet Union. He explains why America's collapse will be many-fold worse. Click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE for more Dmitry Orlov.
(Max Keiser/On the Edge)
Video No. 52 rings truest for me in Duane's assessment of America's collapse. Watch all 58 videos in series, but don't think navel gazing (changing one's self) is all that needs to be done. Think overthrow / revolution.
(Chris Duane)
Global Financial Crisis Explained for Dummies. A litte video with easy to understand graphics.
(Andres Dominiguez)
A collection of opinions from people really looking at the numbers. They seem awfuly sure of themselves. Their views are worth your personal investigation.
(Thomas Pendergast)
Possible scenario. 14 days after the dollar crashes. Could it happen? The question might be: When will it happen?
(Damon Vickers)


Keiser Report with Max Keiser [The Messiah] and Tracy Herbert [Economics Facts Fountainhead]
At right find links to every episode and the key to citizen liberation from finanacial terrorists and global banker occupation.

001     002     003     004     005     006     007     008     009     010     011     012     013     014     015     016     017     018     019     020     021     022     023     024     025     026     027     028     029     030     031     032     033     034     035     036     037     038     039     040     041     042     043     044     045     046     047     048     049     050     051     052     053     054     055     056     057     058     059     060     061     062     063     064     065     066     067     068     069     070     071     072     073     074     075     076     077     078     079     080     081     082     083     084     085     086     087     088     089     090     091     092     093     094     095     096     097     098     099     100     101     102     103     104     105     106     107     108     109     110     111     112     113     114     115     116     117     118     119     120     121     122     123     124     125     126     127     128     129     130     131     132     133     134     135     136     137     138     139     140     141     142     143     144     145     146     147     148     149     150     151     152     153     154     155     156     157     158     159     160     161     162     163     164     165     166     167     168     169     170     171     172     173     174     175     176     177     178     179     180     181     182     183     184     185     186     187     188     189     190     191     192     193     194     195     196     197     198     199     200     201     202     203     204     205     206     207     208     209     210     211     212     213     214     215     216     217     218     219     220     221     222     223     224     225     226     227     228     229     230     231     232     233     234     235     236     237     238     239     240     241     242     243     244     245     246     247     248     249     250     251     252     253     254     255     256     257     258     259     260     261     262     263     264     265     266     267     268     269     270     271     272     273     274     275     276     277     278     279     280     281     282     283     284     285     286     287     288     289     290     291     292     293     294     295     296     297     298     299     300     301     302     303     304     305     306     307     308     309     310     311     312     313     314     315     316     317     318     319     320     321     322     323     324


Here at right are videos of Paul Craig Roberts, my other favorite commentator (aside from Max Keiser). He was a high-up U.S. government official in the 80s: Assistant Treasury Secretary under Ronald Reagan. Now, I couldn't stand Ronald Reagan, so this makes no sense that could feature such a person. So far, I agree with everything out of this man's mouth. And what comes from this man's mouth will take your breath away. No one is telling it how it is like Paul Craig Roberts tells it like it is.
    Search to find more.


Ray McGovern: Former presidential- level CIA insider discusses the upper echelon lie machine that gave us the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. For Blair/Bush letters, click HERE.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Alfred McCoy: A short but stunning nuts & bolts history of the U.S. national security (police) state.
(Mike McCormick,
John Judge: The big view of the national security state from a long-time insider/ researcher. (Starts after 1 min.)
(Network X)
James Bamford: A window into the National Security Agency, the super secret, super-pervasive, super-spy bureaucracy that's probably watching you.
(Mike McCormick,
Surveillance Society: Technology trumps constitutional protections, utterly: A glimpse at the future, which is now.
(Alex Jones)

Fourteen Defining Characteristics of Fascism
Dr. Lawrence Britt


Robert McChesney: A plethora of big facts about today's corporate-owned and -controlled media.
(Mike McCormick,
Eric Klinenberg: The drastic changes in our media after 1996 and how local groups are fighting back.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
John Stauber: The art and craft of corporate public relations and greenwashing. (Starts after 1 min.)
(Network X)
George Gerbner: Baby is born, watches TV for seven hours a day, shows broadcast by a tiny class of producers who's main goal is to sell products. Men (as opposed to women) and violence prevail. More HERE.
(The Killing Screens)
Michael Parenti: The long and short of it, re: the stranglehold of the plutocratic right-wing that controls the media, utterly.
(Santa Clara University)


Richard Hayes Phillips: Investigator makes airtight case that the 2004 presidential election was stolen.
(Mike McCormick,
Mark Crispin Miller: America's trapped in a burning building, that is, the ravages of election fraud, and the Left, the Democrats (its victims), & the media have aided and abetted the arsonists.
(UCSB: Carsey-Wolf Center for Film, Television and New Media)
Don Siegelman: There's a lesson for you...Don't get on the wrong side of Karl Rove. There are ways to steal an election right out from under you.
(Julie Sigwart)
Greg Palast: Investigative reporter gives a good rundown of the year-2000 Bush/Gore election debacle. Unfortunately, the video later corroborates the manufactured myth of the nineteen 9/11 highjackers. So this video is a bit of a mixed bag.
(Gred Palast)


John Perkins: The economic hit man of U.S. imperialism explains well-honed nitty-gritty coercive tactics. Click HERE for Part II.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Antonia Juhasz: The grid-lock of corporate insider impunity, "free trade," and government complicity brings the U.S. to war again and again.
(Mike McCormick,
Michael T. Klare: How lust for petroleum spurs the U.S. to go to war and set up bases all over the world.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Roy Bourgeois: A history of U.S. terror tactics across Latin America, delivered for decades via the School of the Americas.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Michael Parenti: Wealth creates poverty around the world; meanwhile the tiny few of the ruling elite takes it all, leaving carnage in its wake. Click HERE for part II.
(Mike McCormick,
Hearts and Minds: The ultimate anti (Viet Nam)-War documentary. Critics have complained that the film is one-sided. Sadly, there is only one side to this story. Oscar winner; Peter Davis, director.
(A Howard Zuker/Henry Jaglom-Rainbow Pictures Presentation)


Trevor Paglen: A sleuthing look into the U.S. Military budget shows that $30-$60 billion of it is unaccountable, dubbed Black Spots.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy on the threat of secret societies and the monolithic and ruthless conspiracy in our midst (speech: April 27 1961)
(speech: President John Fitzgerald Kennedy)
Ralph Nader: Ratta Tat Tat rundown on George W. Bush impunity using a clever technique.
(Annotated News)
Michael Parenti: The "conspiracy theory" label is a double-edged sword: it chills dialog and gives cover for the real conspiracies thick in our midst. In September 2010, I saw Parenti in person read the essay I link to here.
(INN Media)


William K. Black: Liar's loans, Ponzi schemes, fraud, complicency, impunity. These are the things our economy is made of. But no one wants to be the first to blow over the house of cards.
(Bill Moyer's Journal)
Bernie Sanders: The senator is beside himself as he questions Ben Bernanke about which banks the Fed loaned $2.2 trillion of taxpayer money, banks whose CEOs caused the crisis in the first place. Bernake displays the height of impunity with lame answers.
(C-Span 3)
Alan Grayson: The congressman from Florida grills Fed chairman Ben Bernake about a half trillion dollars that were loaned to 14 foreign banks without Congressional approval and for which he would not identify the recipients.
(C-Span 3)
Bernie Sanders: The senator exposes the multi-layered colossal scam of the 2008 bank bailouts. Here's a good short rundown of how the U.S. taxpayers got fleeced by the super rich.
Elizabeth Warren: Post Depression-era reforms gave us 50 years of prosperity, but those reforms have now all been undone. It's back to boom and bust, which just plays into the hands of the financial elites.
The Money Masters: To me this 3.5-hour documentary gives the most cogent explanation of our economic woes.
(Bill Still)


Dr. Gino Strada: The founder of numerous war-zone medical facilities reports the inexorable truth, that war is far and away more dangerous to civilians than to soldiers.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Deborah Nelson: Declassified documents reveal that incidences such as the My Lai Massacre were commonplace during the Viet Nam War.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Les Roberts: A statistician of war's costs heroically collected appalling indirect costs of current Iraq War.
(Mike McCormick,
Agent Orange Victims: Decades after the Viet Nam War, civilians that were contaminated (and their descendants) still suffer horribly from exposure.
(Mike McCormick,
Bert Sacks: U.S. sanctions have caused tens of thousands of people in Iraq to die. In defiance of U.S. law, Sacks arranges for shipments of medicine to the war-torn country.
(Mike McCormick,
Economic Pressure: The real affect of America's sanctions on Iraq, recorded pre-9/11. (Starts after 1 min.)
(Network X)


Helen Caldicott: Shocking update from key player in the long-time anti-nuclear- power movement; the facts belie all sanity.
(Mike McCormick,
Sister Jackie Hudson: Tells heroic story of a brave action against a Minuteman III nuclear missile silo and her resultant federal incarceration.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Tom Carpenter: The ticking time bomb of astounding stockpiles of plutonium waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in south-central Washington state.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Gerry Pollet: Astounding facts behind Hanford's astounding quantities of nuclear waste that are seeping into the Columbia River.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Richard Rhodes: Makes the airtight case for 100 percent dismantling of all nuclear weapons.


Karen Parker: Attorney lists reasons why D.U. is an illegal weapon according to international law.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Dr. Doug Rokke: The horrors of "depleted" uranium, from a man who headed a team tasked with its cleanup.
(Mike McCormick,


Wall Street Whistleblower Richard Andrew Grove explains for the laymen the massive organized fraud that is institutional to today's banking, legal, business, & governmental world. And the media are right there in on the scam. Click HERE to see all nine segments.
(Paul Verge)
Robert Fisk: The multi-decades-long career of a famed reporter who has fiercely sought to counter the lie-soaked myths, a rundown.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Dahr Jamail: Ordinary citizen becomes an unembedded journalist in Iraq and pokes holes in everything presented as official reportage.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Wikileaks: Leaked video footage from a US Apache helicopter in Iraq in 2007, shows two journalists, a child, and seven other civilians shot to death by U.S. military personnel
Sander Hicks: Proprietor, Vox Pop Fair Trade Coffee Shop, where unembedded journalists have a sanctuary—rather, had a sanctuary. The place closed September 15, 2010.
(Book TV, C-Span)
Dexter Filkins: No agenda, no political point of view, no anti-war stance here, this New York Times reporter, just the same, presents a fascinating slide show & tell of Afghanistan & Iraq before and after 9/11.


Dahr Jamail: The tragic profiles of soldiers and war resisters by an un-embedded war reporter in Iraq.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Lt. Ehren Watada: A principled war resister poignantly turns the tables on the U.S. Military in advance of his own court martial.
(Mike McCormick,
Paul Chappell: If war were natural to human beings, why do people who experience war so often go insane?
(C-Span, Book TV)
Mike Prysner: The real enemy is a system that wages war for profit. War is for the rich, to make the rich richer. More HERE.
(Iraq Veterans Against the War panel)
The Truth About Killing: This ten-part series exposes startling realities.
Episode 1 Part 1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 2/1, 2/2, 2/3, 2/4, and 2/5.

(Grub Smith)
Howard Zinn: There is no natural urge for war among human beings, despite what we are led to believe
(First Features)


Ray McGovern: A list of reasons why torture should never be used—a list that should not even have to be formulated.
(Mike McCormick,
Jennifer Harbury: A history of U.S. torture around the globe and the increasingly more prevalent arguments that offer justification for its use.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Kristian Williams: The culture of U.S. torture around the world is just part and parcel of American empire.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Alfred McCoy: The nature of today's improved techniques of torture.
(Mike McCormick,
Jane Mayer: Jarring and unsparing information about America's era of dungeon diplomacy (raw torture, sans civil liberties), unearthed by a brilliant investigative reporter.
Mark Danner: A mainstream journalist articulates a history of U.S. torture, post 911. In drab monotones, he offers a strangely logical explanation for the recent utilization of such "techniques."
(UC Berkeley: Conversations with History)


John Buchanan: A journalist and one-time presidential candidate offers the most eloquent thesis of highjacked America, Part I.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
John Buchanan: A journalist and one-time presidential candidate offers the most eloquent thesis of highjacked America, Part II.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
John Buchanan: A speaking address given at a Seattle church, the last we hear from this now lost-to-obscurity prophet of U.S. policy analysis.
(Mike McCormick,


Richard Heinberg: The miracle of oil and the world's fate as it disappears.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Richard Heinberg gives the very wide, very big picture of the collapse of our civilization. It's simple, the depletion of natural resources.
(David Menninger)
Jeff Goodell: The surprising environmental impact of coal in America today, including mountaintop removal.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)


Curtis Ebbesmeyer: Out of sight and out of mind, the oceans are clogged with massive plastic "patches," now eight in number across the globe.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Heather Rogers: A surprising peek under the lid of your garbage pail and the corporations you'll find there.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)


Fred Munson: A Greenpeace representative describes the devastation resulting from large-scale corporate fishing. (Starts after 1 min.)
(Network X)
Global warming: Big facts on the destabilized world weather systems coming our way by way of a pre-9/11 panel discussion. (Starts after 1 min.)
(Network X)
Glenn Beck interviews Peta's Bruce Friedrich about global warming, noting that the climate- changing phenomenon is linked to eating meat, noting how Al Gore ignores this fact.
(Fox TV)


Gabor Mate: A scathing indictment of the drug wars and a brilliant analysis of addiction.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
The Drug Wars, Three Angles: The horror for Afghanistan & Mexico, and a case for abolition of prohibition.
(Mike McCormick,


Jim Douglass: Researcher into the JFK, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and RFK assassinations finds patterns of government agency involvement with all four. Includes discussion of widespread denial and apathy from the public.
(Mike McCormick,
Jim Douglass: Assassination researcher describes the various ways JFK was standing up to the shadow government before his demise. Click HERE for a personal interview of Jim Douglass.
(Mike McCormick,
Ed Hoffman: The deaf mute who saw the JFK's grassy knoll assassin shoot President Kennedy. A second man on the grassy knoll testifies to a bullet whiz past his left ear. Click here for part 1 and part 2.
(independent film)
JFK motorcade secret service standdown: Emory Roberts commands utterly confused secret service to abandon their human-shield posts on the back of the limousine.
(independent film)
JFK assassi- nation: This comprehensive documentary chronicles the massive coverup perpetrated by the Warren Commission. Overwhelming testimonial and video evidence proves a thick hidden web of multi-layered deception.
(New Frontier Video)
Who Killed JFK?: This 9-part video is quirky to be sure but full of amazing information that tracks the real story, complete with American- style Nazis and anti-Castro Cubans. Poppy Bush and the CIA fully implicated in the crime.
(independent film)


Michael L. Weinstein: A chilling window on the coercive influence from the Christian right in the U.S. military.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Mark Crispin Miller: A serious examination of the current trend of 4th-rate schools that have become an essential supply chain to the executive branch for a commando/ intelligence force for the "coming apocolypse."
(Mark Crispin Miller)
David Neiwert: The creeping adoption of far right-wing, eliminationist rhetoric in the mainstream media
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Max Blumenthal: On the beat of the religious right, an independent journalist probes a deeper psychology.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
George Lakoff: A linguist takes the veil off how the right wing and its lapdog media twist the language to manipulate the mainstream political message.


Key Quote:
Col. Lankford wrote, "September 11, 2001 seems destined to be the watershed event of our lives and the greatest test for our democracy in our lifetimes. The evidence of government complicity in the lead-up to the events, the failure to respond during the event, and the astounding lack of any meaningful investigation afterwards, as well as the ignoring of evidence turned up by others that renders the official explanation impossible, may signal the end of the American experiment. It has been used to justify all manners of measures to legalize repression at home and as a pretext for behaving as an aggressive empire abroad. Until we demand an independent, honest, and thorough investigation and accountability for those whose action and inaction led to those events and the cover-up, our republic and our Constitution remain in the gravest danger.(—"Lt. Col. Shelton F. Lankford, U.S. Marine Corps (ret) Retired U.S. Marine Corps fighter pilot with over 300 combat missions flown. Decoration­s include the Distinguis­hed Flying Cross and 32 awards of the Air Medal. Aircraft flown: Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, Lockheed C-130H Hercules. 10,000+ total hours flown. 20-year Marine Corps career.)

Loose Change: The blockbuster documentary that broke open the 911 Truth movement.
(Loose Change)
Kevin Ryan: A former UL Laboratories chemist (and Truther) answers claims and assertions of those agencies that produced the official reports about the events of September 11, 2001, point-by-point. A game changer.
(Kevin Ryan, Chicago, Illinois, June 4, 2006)
911 Mysteries: Seemingly endless rundown of factual inconsistencies that challenge the official story.
(911 Mysteries)
Richard Gage: 9/11 Blueprint for Truth, an in-depth lecture from celebrated AIA architect and advocate.
(Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth)
Niels Harrit: Danish scientist who examined WTC dust found nano-thermite, a highly sophisticated compound that can melt iron and/or be engineered to act as an explosive. Another great video HERE.
911 inside job proof: A good rundown of facts omitted from the 911 Commission Report
(posted by stelioshajiioannou)


Jane Standley: BBC news correspondent reports the collapse of WTC7 before it happened. The still-standing building shows directly behind her.
Rudolf Giuliani: On 9/11, NYC mayor admits he was warned "the World Trade Center was going to collapse" before it did. How did he know this?
(Peter Jennings, ABC News)
Firefighters for 911 Truth: NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology) must be held accountable for obstruction of justice for the biggest crime of the century.
World Trade Center 7 (WTC7): All the telltale signs of controlled demolition; there isn't a smidgen of doubt that explosives were involved. Here's another amazing vantage.
(The Truth Will Out)
911 Song (snipet): "The truth will set you free so get over your fears 'cause you can't ignore, 9/11 was an inside job."
(911 Rock Video)
Senator Karen Johnson: Arizona state representative emphatically asks the world to re-examine the 911 Commission Report and its fantastical explanation of events.
(Arizona State Senate )

"Vietnam, Star Wars and 9/11" with Dr. Robert Bowman—August 25, 2010
Bonny Faulkner interviews Bob Bowman on her radio show Guns & Butter

Stacey & Doug Loizeaux of Controlled Demolition: A breathtakingly frank discussion (August 21, 2001) of the demolition industry, which in fact implicates this company in the destruction of the three World Trade Center buildings that were without an iota of doubt imploded by explosives. The Loizeauxs describe the demolition of the Dunes Hotel, which became nothing short of a spectacle "show" and which included "aviation fuel," (that is, jet fuel) as a special effect. Doug Loizeaux is heard to explain that his company can make a building "dance" on its way down and that Controlled Demolition has brought down buildings that likely could have contained human remains, including the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Free here, or purchase mp4 file HERE ($1.95). Even more evidence implicating the Loizeauxs, is an INTERVIEW with Mark Loizeauxs. Listen particularly closely (about 2/3 in) when Loizeaux explains how the Twin Towers came down, including protestations about all the people who accuse him and his company of the crime of 911.

NPR's Terry Gross, Fresh Air


John Buchanan: A long-time investigative journalist digs up proof that the Bush family had deep ties to WWII Nazis.
(Alex Jones)
Russ Baker: Muckraking journalist uncovers a massive & breathtaking history of the Bush dynasty. Also, 6 hours of Dave Emory interviews, here: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, & part 6.
(C-Span/Dave Emory)


Joseph Stiglitz: By September 2008 (time of video), the war in Iraq cost the U.S.A. $3 trillion. Official numbers are lower, but that, according to Stiglitz, is because huge parts are hidden in the budget or essentially invisible.
President Dwight D. Eisenhower: Warns American people they cannot take anything for granted about the coming Military Industrial Complex
(speech: Dwight Eisenhower farewell address)
Robert Green-
wald (Iraq for Sale) and Jeremy Scahill (Blackwater) testified before the Defense Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee, 2007. Experience the frustration from U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, Toledo.

(U.S. House of Representatives)
Jeremy Scahill: A hero and brilliant researcher—author of Blackwater—back out of favor as he continues to hammer on about war profiteering and mercenary U.S. forces, Obama or no Obama.
(Bluestockings, NYC)
War is a Racket, by Smedley Butler, is a famous speech denouncing the military industrial complex. Butler was a WWI military hero. Speech performed by modern actor.
(source unknown)
Brian Becker: With a $-trillion annual military budget, the war profiteers of America are inexorably addicted to war, and Obama is proving to be as much a pusherman as G.W. Bush.


Charles Kernaghan: Sweatshop stories, including the case of clothing workers of the Kathie Lee label.
(Mike McCormick,
Paul Kivel: Wealth inequity in the U.S.A. and the reality of who actually makes decisions in America.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Jerry Rio: Here is his homeless fashion show: funny but not funny. A scathing indictment in any case.
(Jerry Rio)


Bruce Friedrich: A phenomenal half-hour argument for the vegan diet, enough to stop any meat-eater cold.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
PETA: Meet Your Meat, the cruel reality behind the scene; does not spare the viewer.
Paul McCartney: Just the facts about farmed animal cruelty.
Vegan Video: This one challenges you to make connections about your consumer choices.
John Robbins: Hugely influential documentary, Diet for a New America. Links: part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8.
(John Robbins)
Jonathan Balcombe: A rich and cogent window on the inner lives of animals from a PCRM researcher.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)


Vandana Shiva: Global privatization's devastating impact on the developing world, realizing the real wealth of the earth.
(Mike McCormick,
Ben Burkett: The career of a heroic organizer from Mississippi, who brings together organic family farmers, worldwide.)
(Mike McCormick,
President Bill Clinton: In an interview with CNNs Wolff Blitzer, he explains how he lost 24 pounds adopting a near-total vegan diet.
Marion Nestle: Glaring policy explanations for the obesity epidemic; others viewed through the lens of financial imperatives faced by Big Food. Know thy enemy; know thy system.
Michael Pollan: "Wise words: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants." Stay out of the middle aisles of the supermarket; eat only those foods your grandmother and mold would eat.
Matt Amsden & David Wolfe: Two guys who have pushed the envelope on America's raw movement give an airtight case for the lifestyle.


King Downing: An explanation of the toxic influence of racial profiling: how to detect it, how to fight it.
(Mike McCormick,
Eric L. Muller: The stark, bureaucratic inner workings of the Japanese internment camps of WWII.
(Community Forum, Mike McCormick, KEXP, Seattle)
Tim Wise: The author of "White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son" speaks on the subject in Seattle. Searing.
(Mike McCormick,
Aaron Dixon: A deeply inspiring look at the Black Panthers through the eyes of an early member.
(Mike McCormick,
George Carlin: Late great comedian says what we all secretely know to be true ... about war. And about who are America's victims of war.
Russell Means: His life in his own words and a warning to the white man that "We are all on a reservation now." We have come full circle.


Here at right are videos of a new hero of mine, Carl Dix, of the Revolutionary Communist Party. I first happened upon him giving a firey speech in Union Square Park in the fall of 2010. He was speaking at an anti-police-brutality rally that took place after a noisy march through the city streets. Activists dramatically held up larged posters with scetches of about 25 individuals beaten to death in NYPD custody. I'm not sure communism is the way to go, Carl. I'd prefer a highly regulated capitalistic system, with a true social safety net. Oh, and we need to root out the entrenched criminal class running the country.
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Sicko, by director Michael Moore: Entertaining if not thoroughly depressing rundown of the corrupt to the core health care industry in America today. And it points fingers.
(Michael Moore)
Wendell Potter: A high-level executive in the health-insurance business exposes the awful truth about spin tactics peddled by the industry.
(The Journal with Bill Moyers)
Wendell Potter: Former top insurance company executive turned whistleblower explains the scheme that today's for-profit health-care system foists on America. Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, & Part V.
(Democracy Now!)
Wendell Potter & Michael Moore trade Q & A on Kieith Olbermann's Countdown: A lovefest with primo whistleblower Potter & insurance company target number one, Moore. An ultimate lesson in corporate spin/dirty tricks. Part I & Part II


The Corporation: The movie that lifts the veil on the most pervasive structural system that is all around us. Get ready to be non-naive.
(Mark Achbar & Jennifer Abbott, directors)
Captalism: A Love Story, by director Michael Moore. For all the damage at the hands of capitalism, this movie is actually pretty tame, entertaining, but tame.
(Michael Moore)

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