Tamara Jane Goldman
January 30, 2004 - March 24, 2004


Hope that love from so far away will be a comfort
January 25, 2006 (e-mail date)

Hi Manny

I came across your website today by accident (I was researching a UK TV presenter called Jane Goldman—wife of Jonathon Ross—a famous UK TV presenter) and was so moved by your story. I would not wish to open old wounds but am sure that your little girl is in your thoughts always, so hope that love from so far away will be a comfort not a burden. I am not a mother myself but many of my dear friends are, and I know that what you and Naomi went through is their worst nightmare.

You sound like a lovely couple. I wish you well and include myself, in some small way, as one who was touched by your little girl's life. Once again I apologise for intruding upon you, but I was so moved by your Web site. How fragile we are....

Sonia Jones ( London, England)

Thank you for your kind words
same day (e-mail date)

Thank you for your kind words.

I finally had a headstone placed on her grave (took me a long time to get up the strength to do it). It reads, "She was beautiful and she was smart. The world is the lesser without her." At some point, I will photograph the stone and add the photo to the memorial website.

Our wounds, especially Naomi's, are still open and painful.

Regards, Manny