The Sunnen Gallery
200 East 33rd Street, #26J
New York, NY 10016-4831
Tel. 212-6790679

The Sunnen Gallery, formally located at 49 Prince Street in the Soho district of Manhattan, opened its doors in 1990. At that time, artistic effervescence engulfed this lively section of New York. The gallery hosted a large number of highly innovative artists, many of whom went on to blossom into full professional careers. With the end of its commercial lease, the gallery closed in 1996.

While the work represented in the gallery centered on abstract leading-edge contemporary art, it remained especially receptive to works exploring art and states of consciousness, and art enhancing eco-awareness.

The Sunnen Gallery wishes to express its gratitude to the following artists who have so graciously contributed their outstanding work for the pleasure and the interest of the public:

  • Benny Anderson
  • Allen Angel
  • Barbara Bandes
  • Luis Betances
  • Kristin Barton
  • Jeanie Black
  • Tina Buker
  • Peter Bussian
  • Father Calivan
  • Ricardo Castañeda
  • Denis Cauchoix
  • Santiago Cisneros
  • Neal Cohen
  • Susan P. Cooper
  • Bob Crimi
  • Robin Dash
  • Linda Dempsey
  • Ma Desheng
  • Joseph D’Esposito
  • Mary Devincentis
  • Luis DiGena
  • Robert Feuer
  • Karen Fitzgerald
  • Glen Garver
  • Gabriel Grayson
  • James Green
  • Jill Hamilton
  • Robert Harding
  • Jan Harrison
  • Lesley Heathcote
  • Amy Hill
  • Roz Hollander
  • Cathy Honea
  • Elizabeth Lambert
  • Blanka Landau
  • Guy Lanquetot
  • Carl Lehmann-Haupt
  • Michelle Liebler
  • Rifka Maissy
  • Luis A. Manzanares
  • Tara Massarsky
  • Daniel Mayorga
  • Duncan Newton
  • Ketewan Ninua
  • Hedy O’Beil
  • Roberto Ocon
  • Thomas A. Ollendorf
  • Jim Prince
  • Denis Sandigo
  • Elizabeth A. Schupp
  • Alice Spencer
  • Gabriel Stan
  • Catherine Stine
  • Deirdre Swords
  • Susan Thompson
  • Julia Turchuk
  • Nandakumar Vadakkath
  • Patricia Waldygo
  • Claire Weissman Wilks
  • Erik Wood

The Sunnen Gallery will be re-opening its doors, first in virtual space, then also in tangible physicality. At that time, artists will be warmly invited to submit their work for inclusion in this rebirthed venue.


Gérard V. Sunnen M.D.
200 East 33rd St.
New York, NY 10016
212/679-0679 (voice)
212-679-8008 (fax)