Patent list


Following are patents, granted, and pending

  • "Apparatus for the application of ozone/oxygen for the treatment of external pathogenic conditions."
  • "Method and apparatus for ozone decontamination of biological liquids."
  • "Apparatus and method for precise ozone/oxygen delivery to the treatment of dermatological conditions, including gas gangrene and related disorders."
  • "Method and apparatus for the deactivation of bacterial and fungal toxins in wounds, and for the destruction of wound biofilms."
  • "A contactor apparatus for the proper interfacing of ozone/oxygen mixtures with blood and other biological fluids."
  • "A device and method for the precise dosing of externally-applied ozone/oxygen mixtures used for dermatological conditions."
  • "A dual UV/microwave system, in tandem with an ozone system, for comprehensive air disinfection, with special reference to the inactivation of influenza and other epidemic viruses."
  • "Microorganism decontamination of healthcare and other spaces, conjointly using ozone and ultraviolet energies."
  • "Graduated concentration sodium chloride patches for the treatment of dental conditions."
  • "Apparatus and method for the relaxation of spinal musculature and vertebral structures."
  • "Breaking your sound barrier: A method and device for enhancing reading efficiency."
  • "Device for entrainment of delta and theta brain waves for the stimulation of sleep."
  • "Device and method for assisting in meditative training, for stress reduction, relaxation and physiological balance."
  • "A natural nutritional formulation whose ingredients interact synergistically for the induction of sleep."
  • "Device for non-pharmacological analgesia or anesthesia in dermatological procedures and cosmetic interventions."