The OmniForce Series


OmniForce is a training program consisting of modules dedicated to developing self-hypnosis and meditation skills. OmniForce is unique in the way that the Eastern science of acupressure is integrated in many of its exercises. Each book is paired with an audiotape containing selected guided exercises to facilitate the process of self-development.

Pasteur Publishing, 150 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011

Module One
  • Trance The Art of Relaxation
  • What is Self-hypnosis?
  • Successful Self-hypnosis
  • Creating Effective Self-hypnotic Affirmations
  • Using Acupressure with Self-hypnosis
  • Relief from Anxiety
  • Six Methods of Going Into a Trance
  • The Rainbow Visualization

Module Two
  • The Deep Power of Joy
  • Energized Relaxation
  • Joyful Relaxation
  • Exercise for Increasing Physical Energy
  • The Real Life Benefits of Self-hypnosis
  • Deepening Your Trance with Acupressure
  • Heaven and Earth Exercise
  • Exercise The Golden Rope
  • The Silver Star Exercise
  • Exercise The Luminous Cloud
  • Exercise The Inner Flame
  • Acupressure/Self-hypnosis exercise Headaches
  • Acupressure/Self-hypnosis Exercise Sinuses
  • Acupressure/Self-hypnosis Exercise Respiratory Problems
  • Exercise Muscular Aches and Pains
  • Enhancing Abilities
  • Becoming the Person You Want to Be
  • Self-image and Self-Esteem Visualizations

Module Three
  • The Luminous Self
  • Trance Deepening Techniques
  • Stairway to Light Exercise
  • Eliminating Unwanted Habits and Behaviors
  • Weight Harmony
  • Using Acupressure to Stop Unhealthy Habits
  • Hypnotic Affirmations for Stopping Smoking
  • Exercise Gaining Clarity
  • Exercise Turning Into the Right Path
  • Magic Mirror Exercise
  • Mastering Loneliness and Peer Pressure

Module Four
  • Your Interior Landscape
  • Isometric Meditation
  • Healing Muscles with Acupressure
  • Finding a Muscle Vortex
  • Post-hypnotic Suggestions for Healing Muscles
  • Liberation from Stress
  • Transcending Pain Through Self-hypnosis
  • Six Techniques for Pain Control

Module Five
  • Creating Happiness
  • Anxieties and Fears Stop Creating Them
  • Traumas and Regrets Choosing to Let Go
  • Managing Your Life
  • Exercises to Increase Self-confidence
  • Liberating Creativity
  • Movement Meditation
  • Centering Yourself in Mind and Body
  • Liberating Self-expression

Module Six
  • Creating Abundance
  • Psychological Impediments to Abundance
  • Affirmations for Inviting Abundance

Module Seven
  • Creating Positive Relationships, Part One
  • Enhancing the Relationship to Oneself Exercises to Brighten Body Image
  • Psychological Impediments to Successful Relationships
  • The Art of Expressing Intimacy
  • Removing Obstacles in Romantic Relationships

Module Eight
  • Creating Positive Relationships, Part Two
  • The Art of Relationships in Everyday Life

Module Nine
  • Dimensions of Love
  • Stress and Libido
  • Acupressure Points for Sexuality
  • The Fountain of Joy Exercise

Module Ten
  • Power of the Mind
  • Acupressure to Dissolve Mental Stress
  • Kindling Mental Alertness
  • Acupressure for Centering the Mind
  • Acupressure for Increasing Personal Power
  • Exercise A Walk in a Zen Garden
  • Opening to Inner Guidance and Intuition
  • Isometric Brain Balancing Exercise
  • Focus, Memory, Creativity, Clarity, Action