• This was an incredible learning experience for me, and a tremendous motivator as well.—Jean Thaler, founder, Big Apple Vegetarians

  • Pamela is up on the cutting-edge findings about vegan health and fitness. I got a bit of a reality check. But I also came away inspired and carrying a full arsenal of fool-proof strategies.—Donna Irwin, participant

  • I thought the vegan weight loss seminar was well presented and worthwhile. I have been exercising regularly ever since. The tofu burgers were easy to prepare and delicious.—Roberta Schiff, president, Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society

Vegan Nutrition
and Fitness Seminar
By Pamela Rice
author of the book
101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian

NEXT SEMINAR: TBD, special group sessions on demand

623 Broadway

• North of Houston, West side of the street — MAP
• Walk up the stairs and tell the people at the counter you are here for Pamela Rice's seminar. Sign up here.

• Fee: $30 (paid directly to Pamela Rice, ricep@triroc.com)



  • Reality check: The serious health hazards of body fat—depending where you've got it
  • Metabolic mechanisms of fat: your "body tenacious," the vegan strategies to outwit it
  • Gaining muscle to up your metabolism
  • Aerobic vs. Anaerobic exercise
  • The importance of weight training and interval training
  • Techniques to convert fat to muscle
  • Keeping it exciting—change routine (it makes training more effective anyway)
  • Keeping a training journal: Having goals can make all the difference (2 types examined)
  • You may want to share your food diary and exercise journal with a buddy

Pumping iron, safely, effectively: Hands-on demo

  • On to the comprehensive introduction to weight training—on the machines/with free weights/with stability ball/with tubes. Here you will learn specific techniques that will turn fat to lean and trim muscle (NOTE: Ladies, do not worry about bulking up; that will not happen unless you're taking injections of testosterone—the male hormone)
  • 70 exercises, quick: getting familiar with weight-training techniques

Now that we've worked up an appetite: Buying groceries

  • On to the deli

Kitchen klatsch

  • Keeping a food diary: www.mypyramidtracker.gov is free and, though flawed, a very good place to start
  • Counting calories, consumed, burned
  • Portion control awareness (is it always necessary?)
  • The New [all vegan] Four Food Groups
  • Gov't dietary guidelines, vegan style
  • A discussion of oils
  • Junk food
  • Measuring our body fat, hands on, with calipers
  • Fitting fitness into your day—take the stairs (that's a no-brainer), running, and loving it; the virtues of fidgeting...

Cooking demonstration

  • Chop chop
  • Knife necessities
  • Container consciousness
  • The buggies—avoiding food pathogens on your veggies
  • The bugs of the cutting board—wood or plastic
  • Making kale palatable
  • Phytochemicals and antioxidants: veggie cup runneth over
  • Tofu burgers for the week
  • How to cut up a mango
  • salads, juices, a few words


  • Question and answer session
  • What you've learned
  • Feedback, special personal concerns